The Creative Night Owl

It is a Sunday evening, 11:46pm. I have just completed a massive freelance design project. My eyes are stinging from the laptop screen light and I can barely keep them open, but my brain is still ticking.

There have been many articles and creative blogs discussing why creatives (and programmers) do their best work at night. In Swizec Teller's blog, he discusses the three factors that it all comes down to; the maker’s schedule, the sleepy brain and bright computer screens. (I won't regurgitate what he said on here, you can read it for yourself.)

I just wanted to say from my experience, there's nothing like the silence of the night. I was fortunate enough to be able to work in the comfort of my own home the past week. Amazing as that sounds, I think I broke my record for the amount of times I was seething with anger throughout each day. I believe I'm quite in touch with my senses of smell and hearing, and to my horror, the entire week was filled with noise from the builders renovating the neighbours house (*zzzz zzz zzz bang bang chhh chhh chhh bang bang*), my dad building a deck out the back (*hammer hammer hammer, circular saw screeeeeech*) and the rancid smell of durian infiltrate the house due to it being my sister's favourite fruit. May I just add: my noise-cancelling headphones had also run out battery.

My concentration levels would fluctuate at extreme levels all day. But as soon as it struck 11pm and the neighbourhood had gone to sleep, the stillness of the evening paved way for a good few hours of solid work. And that has now got me thinking, are there any creatives out there that have actually pushed their body clock out by 12 hours in order to work all night and sleep during the day for a living?