The Wedding Invitation Letterpress Project - Part I

So, I’m getting married in April this year, it’s already February and I haven’t got my invitations out yet. Why? It’s somewhat a mix between crumbling under the pressure of producing an amazing invitation for my expecting guests, and also because this letterpressing thing ain’t easy! Matt (my fiance) and I have had about 3 sessions slaving over the letterpress, experimenting and trying to get the registration and pressure right.

My 1890 Golding Pearl Letterpress loves wracking with our brains, but really, there’s a whole combination of elements which can add to the frustration, the plates aren’t deep enough, the stock is too textured, the furniture is too high and getting inked, some screws get loose, the base is not even. Old Mr Ted Higgins (whom I bought the letterpress off) once said to me “the sign of a good letterpresser is clean hands,” I can’t seem to avoid getting ink on my face and clothes, let alone my hands.

Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it definitely makes improvement! Take a look at what (the little) we accomplished today, to us it was a massive feat! It’s freaking awesome seeing my typography printed.