The Wedding Invitation Letterpress Project - Part II

It probably seems as though we’ve been working on this invitation for months, and that’s because we have. We’ve had many disruptions and that’s fine, because good things take time. I was meant to have these invitations printed a week ago, but unfortunately I had to move ‘Golding’ (my letterpress) out of Nana’s Garage, to my fiance Matt’s garage.

Anyway, here’s a short little video of us working like a well-oiled machine with Matt’s brother Wayne joining in. Wayne is this crazy good creative-tech-hands-on-guy and he’s created this ridiculously awesome envelope design which we’ll be using - I’ll let you know about it on a future blog post.

(Please excuse the video quality, there’s not much light in the garage and my poor iPhone 5 can’t really see in the dark.)